About Us

Cruel for Fun was initially conceived in 2010 to publish the Panda Invasion series; a comic about a panda who immigrates to North America.

Since that time, Cruel for Fun has begun publishing the Society Bites series (a sarcastic interpretation of every day life), and the Little Oopsies series (a comic about a group of accident prone fur balls).

The mobile games being developed by Cruel for Fun use characters from the Panda Invasion, Little Oopsies and Society Bites series to bring them to life. The first game app to come off the shelf is expected in 2012.

Consulting services include graphic design, character design, stationary design and logo design.


Cruel for Fun was founded by a sister-brother team:

C.J.Tan is currently pursuing a specialist degree in English studies at the University of Toronto and will pursue a degree in Illustration and creative writing afterwards. She is the main visionary and designer of the Cruel for Fun franchise.

J.F.Tan currently holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Engineering from the University of Toronto. He has been involved in previous web startups and brings such experience to Cruel for Fun, to make it an entertaining and fun experience.